[TW: Anti-Choice Jerkery] IMPORTANT AND SLIGHTLY OT: Anti-Choice Motion Invading Canada

In a grim reflection of what’s going on south of the border, the Canadian government will be considering a personhood motion in parliament at the end of April and will be voting on it in late spring or early fall.  Motion 312, coined by Conservative MP and anti-choice activist Stephen Woodworth of Kitchener Centre, is a motion to make fetuses be considered as people under the law in an attempt to re-criminalize abortion.

This is bloody ridiculous.

Canadian law already states that a fetus does not become a person until it leaves the womb – perfectly reasonable, absolutely nothing wrong with that.  This preserves the rights of pregnant people (most anti-choice people think that only women become pregnant, completely ignorant of the fact that trans men exist), something that’s important and actually recalls that someone becoming pregnant doesn’t suddenly stop being a person.

If Motion 312 is passed, this will change, and the anti-choice (“pro-life”) groups will win one stage of their war against bodily autonomy.

Say NO to Motion 312; sign the petition, send a letter to your MP, keep this circulating.  Let Canada know that this exists and that it is an issue.  Read and share the reasons against Motion 312 and let our voices be heard: the government does not belong in your uterus, or in mine, and it needs to leave the laws alone, as they are.  A fetus is not a person.  Until a fetus is born and can exist outside the womb, it cannot be a person.

If you are for Motion 312, you are against me.  You are against everyone in Canada that could ever become pregnant.  You are telling us that we are not capable of deciding what’s right for ourselves and our bodies and you are the enemy.

When a person becomes pregnant, they do not suddenly cease to be their own person – they do not suddenly need to give up everything for what’s growing inside them.  They do not need to face prosecution for, say, a miscarriage, something going wrong with their health, anything that threatens the fetus – no, the fetus should not come first.  There is something wrong with us as a society when we start trying to protect a fetus instead of the person carrying it.

Stand for choice.  Vote NO on Motion 312 and let that anti-choice jerk know exactly what you think of his attempts to invade your uterus.

This seriously makes me want to get my tubes tied now as opposed to when I become sexually active.  Seriously.

One thought on “[TW: Anti-Choice Jerkery] IMPORTANT AND SLIGHTLY OT: Anti-Choice Motion Invading Canada

  1. Hah, I’m surprised I never heard it being called anti-choice, totally using that. I’m a little disturbed some of the worse ideas of the US are creeping up north, especially one with a defense base saying that abortion is an attack on freedom of religion. If freedom isn’t the forcing the pillars of one religion onto everybody else, then I don’t know what is!

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