The Drawing of Winter’s Veil

That made more sense as a title in my head.

Winter holidays are still on for students such as myself, while some are drawing to a close for many. My classes start again in January – I have mixed feelings about this! – and with that, I go back to my small job. That I’m looking forward to!

Night-time starts early, with the sun going down around 4:30pm every day, and there’s a thin sheet of snow on the ground. The gifts have been opened (socks! I was excited about SOCKS! I must be an adult), the food has been eaten (mostly), and other people are doing more shopping.

I received a surprise gift from a beloved friend today, which I’ll be digging into later in the week when I’m at home and have some time to myself to enjoy the voice acting. Thank you, Kar! <3

All-in-all, the winter holiday has been fairly nice to me this year. I’m still looking forward to going home and getting back to the city (especially considering I have a poor Bettafish that’s in need of a tank cleaning), but, no complaints!

I hope all of you have had a pleasant winter holiday, as well as the opportunity to enjoy whatever winter presents to you. As much as I dislike the cold, winter is still a magical time of year – the land goes to sleep for the season, winter birds come out of hiding (and they’re so freaking adorable), everything transforms and the province’s not-so-rare Terrible Winter Drivers show up on the scene.

In World of Warcraft news, don’t forget to nab your winter gifts: there’s a special, brand new gift this year that you… ought to at least see, even if you don’t grab one for yourself.

Merry Yule, Happy Winter Veil, and have a wonderful New Year.