A Short Update on M-312

The blogosphere has been alight with activity surrounding Motion 312, and I’m happy to say that the petition against it has managed to break the 6k signatures mark.  The fight isn’t over yet, and it won’t be over for quite a while, so keep circulating the petition and don’t give up.

Check out other blog posts on the issue at DAMMIT JANET!, along with a list of Pro-Choice and Undecided MPs’ e-mail addresses (provided by Laura) in the comments.  Fire some e-mails off if you haven’t already and encourage those undecided MPs to vote NO to Motion 312!

I suggest watching DAMMIT JANET and the blogs on their list for further updates, as they will have a better idea of what’s going on than I will.

While you’re at it, give Irrational Humans by PZ Myers at Free Thought Blogs a read.  It’s a great article.

I will be going back to posting on stuff relating to WoW and Roleplay soon enough, though don’t be surprised if social justice issues like this show up more often.